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Hi! We're Oshi's

We are a local charity based in The Vale of Glamorgan, inspired by a little boy called Oshi. Our founders, Oshi's mum and aunties, set out to create an accessible play space for children with disabilities and their family and friends.

Our aim is to promote social inclusion among families with a child with a disability and/or life-limiting condition.

Oshis World

"When Oshi was born with complex medical needs, I found it increasingly difficult to get out and about. I couldn't take Oshi to mother and baby groups like I had imagined. His sensory impairments meant that they were often too loud, too busy, or I simply felt exposed and vulnerable with all of Oshi's medical equipment. I was desperate find activities and pre-school sessions that where inclusive of physical and sensory impairments. There is a lot of misinformation out there around accessible services and so we set out to remove as many of the barriers that disabled people, and those around them, face when accessing social and leisure activities.”

Anna Liddell

Oshi's mum and Co-founder of Oshi's World.

We do this through providing various opportunities that enable children to thrive.


Our focus lies with the whole family so we don’t forget about siblings, parents and carers. You will always be welcomed
with happy faces and a hot cup of tea.

We know how daunting it can be attending a new venue for the first time so if you have any hesitations, please just get in
touch, we will do all that we can to make you feel comfortable and meet your needs.

Our membership scheme enables families with a disabled child to access all activities and events organised by Oshi’s World. Whether this is our online support group, online music and dance sessions, community events and meet ups or 1:1 in-person sessions (where possible).

Read more about out membership here

Our Mission

“Love it! So friendly and


Let's Make A Change

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