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Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees is committed to ensuring that we consistently bring you the best and most relevant activities and events. With over 50 years of experience between them in paediatrics, childcare and special educational needs, they really are coming from the best angle to support our families.

Please don’t be shy in coming forward with any ideas that you would like the trustees to consider. 

Last year we ran a survey in order to highlight the specific needs within our community as we are passionate about keeping in touch with what you feel is needed. We hope to continue to have a dialogue with our families to ensure that their needs will be met to the best of our ability.

Anna Liddell

Chairman & Oshi's Mum

"After working as an LSA in special needs schools in England and Wales and as a PA for children with  disabilities, I felt well acquainted with the local services when Oshi came along in 2015. However nothing could have prepared me for the lack of play facilities that I could access with my friends who had children without additional needs. Everything that we could access required lots of forms and referrals from outside agencies. I was desperate to just turn up somewhere with a friend and have a cuppa in a space that catered for Oshi's sensory needs but included other children. Determined not to let the isolation of raising a child with disabilities overwhelm us, I reached out to local parents in a similar position and asked their advice, and Oshi’s World was born. My previous experience and relationships within the special needs world is invaluable to inform my current position within the charity and of course my main role (and best one) as “mum”.

Rhian Murphy

Treasurer & Oshi's Aunty

“I am one of the three founders of Oshi’s World, along with my two sisters Helen and Anna (Oshi’s mum). As a mum of two girls, I have first hand experience of the complexities of socialising as a family in a community that isn’t made accessible for children of all abilities to play together. I set out to support the family charity in 2016. I have grown up in Penarth and went to Welsh medium primary and secondary school. My professional background had stemmed from degrees in anthropology and in social research, which led to my career in statistics. Currently, I work at the Office of National Statistics and contribute my corporate, research and data analysis skills to the board of trustees.

Helen Murphy

Co-Founder & Oshi's Aunty

I'm mum of 2 daughters, Charlea and Eva, partner of Ben, sister of Anna and Rhian and Aunty to Oshi, Dela, Bess, Jaz, Luc, Lily and Gabriella. I work as a paediatric nurse, currently specialising in diabetes. I have over 20 years experience working in paediatric nursing and use this experience to inform my role within the charity. I enjoy socialising of any kind – if there’s a party – I'm there! Which means I am usually the one organising our big annual fund-raisers. I’ve also just started exercising and training for the half marathon which is a challenge to say the least!

Bethan McMinn


I’m a Community Paediatrician working in South Wales, which involves looking after children with complex medical needs, developmental delay, and/or neuro-developmental disorders (ASD/ADHD). Every day I am inspired by the children, young people and families that I work for and I consider it a privilege to be able to contribute my professional experience to optimise their health and general well-being. I have also been a close friend of Osian’s mum and aunties since we were young children ourselves, and I am so proud of our Oshi and his family driving change within the community to provide accessible, inclusive play opportunities for children with complex needs and their families. Every child has a right to play, and as a trustee of Oshi’s World, I am delighted to be able to contribute to the team and help provide a safe space for play and development for the children in our community.

Aimee Bousie


"I have over ten years experience working with children with disabilities and complex needs within an educational setting and as a PA in the community. I currently run bespoke therapy sessions in the hydro pool at Ysgol Y Deri Special School. Working along side physiotherapists and occupational therapist we ensure that each child has their individual needs met while having a great time in the water!"

Kate Housley


I spent most of my career working in finance and IT. I have a strong business background including a Diploma in finance and leasing and post graduate certificate in Management and Leadership. I retired from the finance industry in 2016 and wanted to focus on work in the charity sector using my business skills.  I was thrilled to be asked to become a trustee of Oshi’s World and to have the opportunity to play a part in the development and growth of the charity.

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