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All of our sessions are tailored specifically to the needs of the children who attend. Some require pre-booking but we do try and be as flexible as possible as we understand how difficult it can be to plan ahead! If in doubt, please get in touch, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Our session are inclusive of all abilities as we can adapt and find creative ways to enable children to take part and most of all play and have a great time!


Please check our calendar in events for up-to-date info on when each leader is back at Oshi's World 


Mel has volunteered for us for over 2 year now! She is a fully qualified hairdresser who donates her time once a month to enable those children who struggle with haircuts to experience one in a calmer, quieter space. This is very much led by the child as we appreciate that haircuts can be extremely stressful and anxious process for some children. Mel takes her time and will allow your child space and time to adjust to their re-style.


Please get in touch to book your haircut!


Jan donates her time and skills once a month to providing parents and carers with a beautifully relaxing "no hands massage". Often having a small amount of time to yourself to relax, followed but a nice hot cuppa is just what our parents and carers need.


Please get in touch to book your space. 



We love love love this disability dance group which uses Makaton and storytelling to create a dance worthy of an audience. Incorporating all the senses, even smell, Flamingo Chicks ensure that everyone is included and can be part of a choreographed dance! Check out their website for more info and again, keep your eyes peeled on our events page to keep up to date when they’re back with us. 

Check out Flamingo Chicks Website


A very popular disability dance session run by Sam who has a wealth of experience with children with disabilities. Usually run from YMCA in Barry, many of our children love the familiarity of seeing Sam at Oshi’s World so it tends to be a very exciting Saturday!

"The Motion Control Dance Enriches Lives Through Movement and gives people living in the Vale of Glamorgan 'A chance to dance'. We offer a range of dance opportunities and services in street dance, break dance, hip hop, contemporary and choreography. These are delivered by highly qualified and experienced dance tutors."

Check Out Motion Control Dance Website



One of Oshi’s personal favourites, run by fully qualified sound therapist, Cheryl Galea. This calming sound therapy uses vibrations from gongs and a range of instruments to enable children to relax and unwind. No two sessions are the same as Cheryl adapts her approach to the individual needs of the children. Cheryl says;


“ For thousands of years humans have been attracted to sounds; the sounds of waves, birds
and eventually music etc, these sounds can have a profound effect on us. Do you ever get ‘goosebumps’ from listening to certain music? Sound therapy deconstructs music into pure sounds. We focus on the vibration of these sounds to help us relax and unwind.”


Sam and Sam from Lilbits have helped, advised and supplied us with much of our sensory toys and equipment. They are a local play recourse company dedicated to proving affordable products. Not only that, but every now and again they pop into Oshi’s World with some magnificent messy play and let the children try out some of their toys! Again, a great opportunity to “try before you buy” and ensure that our children are accessing toys appropriate to their needs. After all, children learn through play….


Check Out "Lilbits" Website



Oshi’s World is very grateful to be able to enjoy Live Music Now, as their sessions have been kindly funded by the Penarth Acoustic Club. Live music now is a charity with the aim of brining live music to thousands, in particular, those who may not have the opportunity to otherwise experience live music.

“Every year, our musicians deliver thousands of interactive music programmes in care homes and hospitals, and a range of community and healthcare settings. We also work in special schools, where music can make a huge difference to the lives of children and their families.”

Check Out Live Music Now's Website


Often found at St Fagans, Tracey has lots of experience with children and upon her first visit to Oshi’s World, she enabled every child to make a clay flower! Tracey adapts her ceramic activities for the inclusion of all children.


Writer, Actor, Storyteller and Entertainer!

Mike is brilliant at captivating everyone
(adults and children!) at Oshi’s World with his Storytelling. He has written all his own stories which are available to buy and have a
heart-warming message behind them.


Check Out Mike Church's Website


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