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Oshi’s world recognises that there are some children who are too unwell to access any services within the community. This has led to the implementation of a range of services that can be delivered on a 1:1 basis within the family home. 

We can offer Sound Therapy and Touch Therapy for children, counselling for parents and online sessions with Flamingo Chicks. Please read more about these services and what they have to offer below. 


These funded outreach sessions are specifically aimed at families and children who are unable to access activities within the community. 


To ensure a fair process, we require the completion of the referral forms below. 

All completed referrals will be considered. 

Sound therapy

Holistic Sound Therapy Website

Cheryl from Holistic Sound Therapy

I have worked with the most amazing families this year and we have gained so much from one other. 

Each child is given the opportunity to listen to beautiful vibrational instruments and feel the tones, overtones and sounds through their hands, feet and shoulders. 

Some children make their own sounds and share their experience with family members and/or carers. Children often become relaxed, calm, and very focus on each sound. 

Thank you so much to Oshi's World and Anna for making this happen and the team at Osh'si World you have brought so much  pleasure to all the families who accessed the Outreach Program.

Download referral form here

Touch therapy

The Wellbeing Centre Website

Louise from the Wellbeing Centre

"This Programme was developed from the original Infant Massage and Reflexology Programme.   

I decided to reach out into the community of parents that have children with disabilities and or complex medical needs. I was lucky enough to meet with Anna from Oshi’s World through which I met her beautiful son Osian. Osian has complex medical needs and as such the programme has been adapted accordingly. It has been adapted for ease of use and content that is suitable for your child.   Massage Therapy can be used as a specialised tangible method for helping children who are living with any type of disability. Massage has been found to be a treatment for many to help with stress. Many people have yet to discover the multiple benefits of massage for children living with chronic pain, discomfort, constipation, rigid muscles, nerve stress and any condition that manifests from medical conditions. "

Louise has a wealth of knowledge, experience and a degree in Complementary Healthcare BSc (Hons) Practitioner Status. 

Download referral form here

CBT / Hypnotherapy

Sarah from Sarah Toby Hypnotherapy

Sarah Toby Hypnotherapy Website

I am a fully qualified professional practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Psychotherapy. For the last ten years I have worked for my local council as a Substance Misuse Counsellor. I have gained many qualifications and a vast experience in working with the underlying issues of substance misuse. My many years of working within the field of mental health have given invaluable skills and experience in working with all problems. I have also used my skills and experience within NHS on Weight Loss. I work from a beautiful therapy room which provides a perfect healing environment. For more information please visit my website or give me a call for an informal chat.

Download referral form here




We love love love this disability dance group which uses Makaton and storytelling to create a dance worthy of an audience. Incorporating all the senses, even smell, Flamingo Chicks ensure that everyone is included and can be part of a choreographed dance! Check out their website for more info and again, keep your eyes peeled on our events page to keep up to date when they’re back with us. 

Check out Flamingo Chicks Website


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