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We're Aviva Winners!!

A huge thank you to everyone that voted for us!

A HUGE Thank you to those that voted! We have won the Aviva funding that will help us to continue operating throughout 2018. 

We appreciate your continued support towards our ultimate goal of having our own venue open 7 days a week.

Although our success so far is fantastic, here at Oshi's World we continue to strive for the best for our families and to provide a huge variety of activities and events. We can only do this will all the support we have from our local community. We believe that we can achieve so much more and with our team of dedicated volunteers and the community on our side we celebrate little triumphs month after month.

This year, our big goal is our sensory garden, an all inclusive, accessible, safe outdoor play space. Keep your eyes peeled for information on our grand opening. With your donations we hope to be up and running by summer 2018! 

Thank you all,

Anna x

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